Angle-Shoe pivots are for 35mm(1 3/8'') flush 'invisible' doors.
            Moly-Poly Nylon pivot load capacity    35kg.(70 pounds)
            Aluminum pivot load capacity    50kg.(100 pounds) 
Semi-concealed 'Angle-Shoe' pivots are easy to fit.
Concealed 'Flat-Strap' pivots take more time and care to fit.
'Top-Rail' pivots are very simple and fast to install in accurately prepared door openings.

1500 Aluminium Angle-Shoe pivot sets were installed in the Foster & Partners UK 'Lumiere' apartments at Town Hall in Sydeny in 2006. They were used for flush service closets doors in the lift lobbies. They were also used for cloak and linen closets and laudry cupboards inside many apartments. They are sold through architectural hardware merchants in Australia and Iromongers in the UK. There are  a multitude of interesting applications for creative designers.


The latest pivots in the range are made of Nylon. The name 'Moly-Poly' is derived from the engineered Polyamide/Molybdenum blend used for the injection molded plates and angles. They are variously called 'Moly-Poly' or 'Poly-Moly' pivots by polly-wally doodlers. These special low cost pivots have been designed for light domestic doors 35-36mm thick hollow-core or semi-solid panels to 35kg. They are for the same affordable crisp interior square-set plaster detailing as the original aluminium Angle-Shoe pivots.

There are significant savings for builders:

            Traditional door frames and architraves can be eliminated.
            Latch bolt and levers can be replaced with pull handles and a magnetic catch(PLS 24).
            Protruding hinge knuckles can be eliminated.
            Painting trade work can be reduced to roller work only.
            Nibs studs can be eliminated for doors at junctions of walls.
            Scribing floor finishes is greatly simplified without architraves, doorframes & stop beads.

A beach resort in Sri Lanka is currently using the Nylon 'Flat-Strap' pivots for external timber plantation shutters. Moly-Poly pivots were also recently installed in the Debate Chamber in Dallas Texas where the hollow rivet stem was used as a conduit for wiring to CCTV cameras concealed on the back of rotating timber wall panels for after-hours surveillance.

The Nylon injection molded parts are made in Sydeny and the special bronze bushes are made in Toowoomba with assembly, packaging and distribution in Canberra. The pivots are gluten free but may contain traces of nuts.


The 'Mighty Boy' for significant haulage duties


Designed in 2002 Angle-Shoe aluminium pivots were launched at DesignBuild Mebourne in 2004 after extensive testing and trade evaluation. The designer/inventor Howard Styles had been specializing in doors and hardware since 1984 as the architect in charge of door and hardware documentation and detailing for the 7,500 doors in Australia's new Parliament House. At that time flush(invisible) doors details were often requested but suitable pivot hardware could not be sourced at a reasonable price from anywhere around the World. Now after fourteen years 12,500 Angle-Shoe pivots have been sold with exports to USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Holland and to a cluster of tax havens in the West Indies.

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